About Us

Suburban Landscaping is a full service landscape design and build company based in Peoria, Illinois. For more than 25 years, our company‚Äôs mission has been to improve and transform our client’s outdoor space into a functional, beautiful, inviting area through thoughtful, informed and creative design, implementation and service. Specializing in unique residential projects, our landscaping company strives to engage each client in a way that not only meets, but exceeds expectations.

Suburban accomplishes this level of design by hearing and understanding the client’s requirements and desires while carefully considering the physical characteristics and context of each site. In this way, our landscaping company can create the most elegant, effective and sustainable designs using the most appropriate materials and techniques available. We hope to be thought of as a progressive, talented group with vision, ability and determination.

Enhancing the Experience of Your Home

Essential to offering sophisticated, comprehensive designs is an understanding and manipulation of the different landscape elements best suited to satisfy a client’s functional and aesthetic desires. Click on any of the following landscape elements to get an idea of how Suburban Landscaping can enhance the enjoyment of your experience at home:

Serving Your Other Landscaping Needs

At Suburban Landscaping, we understand that not every client is looking to add a striking design element to his or her garden. No matter how thoughtfully and sustainably designed and built, landscapes require maintenance and attention. Perhaps you need to repair your lawn with some sod or seed, prune or trim trees and shrubs, care for perennial flowers, roses, ornamental grasses, groudcovers and native plants or add a fresh layer of mulch to your gardens. For these reasons and many others our landscaping company provides these additional services for our Peoria area customers. See what we can do for your home or site:

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If you would like to have what’s outside the doors of your Peoria, IL area home become as inviting, personalized and enjoyable as what is beneath the roof, see it transformed into a beautiful, relaxing place to be proud of where you can enjoy a solitary moment or spending time with friends and family, choose Suburban Landscaping. Our full service design and build landscape company specializes in elegant, sophisticated, functional outdoor designs. Contact us online today or call 309-691-0735 for more information about our services or to schedule an appointment for a consultation on your landscape.

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