In a majority of contemporary American residential landscapes, there is as much or more square footage in paving design as there is indoor living space.

One way to make your house truly unique compared to others in your area is through considered, interesting paving design. Instead of a slab of concrete leading to your home, beautiful pavement can make your landscape a more inviting place to be.

At Suburban Landscaping, we have done elegant paving design for numerous homeowners across the Peoria area. For 25 years, our novel and smart designs in pavement have expressed both the wishes of our clients and a practiced creativity. While we promote the virtue of design, we also emphasize the importance of installation. Our construction team strives to give each customer impeccable, durable, lasting results. When you choose Suburban Landscaping, you choose quality from conception to completion.

See How Paving Design Can Transform Your Home!

Everyone glances down while they are walking—especially guests who have never been to your home. It’s natural. Give their eyes something to behold with striking paving design. Through the tasteful use of patterns, colors, textures-and form, you can add visual interest to your home by creating an organized system for movement through and between your outdoor spaces.

Allow Suburban Landscaping to create or transform any of the following areas at your home through our paveing design / build-process :

  • Terraces
  • Driveways
  • Pool Decks
  • Patios
  • Sidewalks
  • Pathways

When you choose Suburban Landscaping, one goal is to understand your vision and desires for your terrace, patio, driveway or sidewalk. Then, we will provide you with a unique paving design that embraces your goals and requirements in the same way it embraces the contours of your property. Once you approve these designs, our team of paving construction experts will realize these designs with precision and care so you get the best results possible.

Contact Suburban Landscaping Today!

If you would like to see the terrace, patio, sidewalk or driveway of your Peoria, IL area home transformed into a visually striking element of paving design that will charm and impress friends, family or any visitor to your home, choose Suburban Landscaping. To schedule an appointment for a consultation on your home, contact us online today or call 309-691-0735.

Our landscaping company specializes in elegant outdoor designs. If you’d like to see other landscaping elements beyond paving design, visit the following pages: